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One tortoise happily and safely rehomed via the Tortoise Trust


Tortoises can live a very long time, and it is quite common for these incredible animals to still be going strong even as we are slowing down a bit. Other circumstances can also result in a need to find a much loved pet a new home: illness, a house move, a career change, etc. This can be a very distressing time as it is not easy pass on responsibility to someone else, especially a stranger.

If you are in that position you will want to try to ensure that:

  • Your tortoise will receive proper care (by that, we mean diet, housing and veterinary attention when needed)
  • Your tortoise will not be placed at risk (by mixing with other species, by being forced to breed if it is unsuitable, by failing to have adequate quarantine and hygiene precautions in place, etc.)

Many people will gladly take on a tortoise these days, or may even offer a ‘Rehoming Service’. We urge you to check their credentials carefully:

  • How long have they being doing this?
  • Can they produce references from satisfied users of the service?
  • Do they have a good track record?
  • Do they (or their organisation) have sufficient expertise to ensure that incompatible animals are never mixed?

The Tortoise Trust has been rehoming tortoises and turtles since 1980. We have successfully rehomed thousands of animals.  We have very strict controls in place, and we are recommended by many major organisations and institutions including zoos, the Blue Cross and veterinary practices.

If you have any questions about our rehoming service, please do not hesitate to contact us. There are NO FEES whatsoever involved, either for persons needing new homes, OR for those adopting. Our sole concern is to ensure the future welfare of the animal.

There are some things it might help you to know. It is vital for the health and welfare of the tortoise(s) involved that we obtain accurate information as to species, age and sex. The best way is to have a photograph available for us to check. We realise that in an emergency situation that might not be possible. In that case, we may only be able to offer a temporary home under quarantine conditions until this has been established. It places your tortoise at risk of contracting serious illnesses or even of being attacked and injured by other tortoises if this is not done.  For more on this see our article on Companion Tortoises.

More information on our rehoming program can be found on our user forum or you can email us at: